Disney Princes That Look Like Cute Animals

We love Disney princes. We also love kittens and puppies. So we did the only logical thing: put together pictures of each Disney prince with cute animals that look like them. Cue the awws.


Look at those baby blues. Perfection.



We can’t decide what’s cuter: a sleeping Flynn or a sleeping puppy.



Naveen and this kitten are both awesome at surprises faces with leaves surrounding them.



Like a loyal companion, you can always count on Prince Philip.



Will Prince Charming ever find Cinderella? Will this adorable kitten ever reach the ornament?



Yes, we chose a puppy that reminded us of Max and Eric’s dreamy “look off into the distance” glance.



They say a true love’s kiss can break any spell.



We can’t handle those big eyes and the pose that’s so unassumingly charming.



Which Disney prince/cute animal combination is your favorite?

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