An Epic Breakdown of I’ll Make a Man Out of You


When we were kids there were a few Disney songs that profoundly affected us. We would rewind our cassette tapes and listen to “Part of Your World,” “Hakuna Matata,” and “Colors of the Wind” over and over again. But there’s one song that was so epic, so legendary, that it requires an out loud sing along anytime we hear it. Of course we are talking about “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan, a heroic power ballad that makes us want to defeat the Huns, learn martial arts and generally be awesome. Because our love for this song is greater than the Great Wall of China itself, it’s time we explored what makes this song so amazing.


Listen as you read:

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First, the powerful drum beat kicks in as Mulan and company try to retrieve the arrow. Then, the greatest first line of a song ever graces the sound waves:

Shang Business Quote Make a Man Out Of You Mulan


And Shang threw those pots in the air, perfectly emphasizing his words.

Shang Pots Make a Man Out Of You Close Up Mulan


Also, not everyone can sing and do acrobatic flips at the same time. Totally epic.

Shang Flipping Make a Man Out Of You Mulan


Don’t worry Mulan, we’re a little intimidated (and awed) too.

Shang Mulan Make a Man Out Of You Close Up


Then Shang proved yet again his awesome and archery level is one that we can only hope to achieve.

Shang Archery Make a Man Out Of You Mulan


Shang definitely found his center here.

Shang Dodging Make a Man Out Of You Mulan


Mulan, not so much… but a lot can happen during a song so we know she’ll get there.

Mulan Bucket Make a Man Out Of You


Then there’s a montage of Mulan, Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po noticeably not meeting this song’s level of epicness. Like when Ling tried to break that cement block, ouch.

Ling Block Make a Man Out Of You


Then we heard the chorus of metaphors that would change our lives.


“You must be swift as the coursing river/with all the force of a great typhoon/with all the strength of a raging fire/mysterious as the dark side of the moon”

Shang Night Make a Man Out Of You Mulan

Shang ponders how truly deep these lyrics are.


After, Shang sends Mulan packing (oh no he didn’t) which then prompts Mulan to level up to hero status.

Mulan Climbing Make a Man of You


That’s right, Mulan epically shows the Chinese army who’s the woman while the epic chorus of metaphors plays on.

Mulan Climbing Make a Man Of You 2


So humble, so awesome.

Top of Post Make a Man Out Of You Mulan


Then our favorite part of the song… THE A CAPPELLA SECTION. Because this song is so compelling, it doesn’t even need music.


This includes all sorts of epically great things like Mulan showing off her fighting skills and Ling finally breaking that cement block.

Mulan Shang Fighting Make a Man Out Of You


And of course, the grand finale, in which all this epicness culminates into this single awesome moment. HUAH!

Ending Make a Man Out Of You Mulan


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