7 Reasons Merlin Is Always Right


As if you needed any reasons beyond the fact that he wears his wise man glasses even when he’s a fish…


1. He can see the future.


2. He understands science.


3. He carries a staff. (And so does Rafiki, which means wisdom.)
Merlin carries a staff in The Sword and the Stone


4. He can pull off wearing pink shorts underneath his robe and using his feet as water skis all while he talks about the extreme importance of education.
Merlin wearing pink shorts in the Sword and the Stone


5. One word: logical.


6. He knew the world was round long before we did.


7. He’s an outsmarter of epic proportion. (And yes we know that outsmarter isn’t a noun. But we do what we want.)


Also, anyone who can pull off this outfit seems to us like they’re working with their wits about them:
Merlin in a vacation outfit in the Sword and the Stone

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