10 Disney Characters Who Just Want You To Feel Better


Some characters (cough: the villainous ones) would be happy to see you sad and blue. Some other (much nicer) characters would do just about anything to cheer you up and make sure that you are in a good mood. Let’s review.


The Fairy Godmother
The Fairy Godmother Wants You To Feel Better
You’re looking for a dream come true? No problem. Your Fairy Godmother is all over it, and she can’t stand to see you upset.


Lady Wants You To Feel Better.jpg
Puppy snuggles. That is all.


Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh Wants You To Feel Better.jpg
Pooh is all about cheering people up (and eating hunny). His adorable antics can put a smile on anyone’s face.


Dory Wants You To Feel Better.jpg
You can get through pretty much any situation with Dory’s signature motto: just keep swimming.


Genie Wants You To Feel Better.jpg
A fancy meal? New clothes? A really awesome high five? Genie has it covered and he’ll do anything to make sure you feel better.


Woody Wants You To Feel Better
Woody is ALWAYS there for you. Always. He will never, ever give up on you.


Pascal Wants You To Feel Better.jpg
Just look at that face. It’s an instant smile-inducer.


Quasimodo Wants You To Feel Better
Quasimodo is basically this article. He’s had a tough life but he never lets that get him down, and he never wants you to be down on yourself either. We mean, did you see that scene with the bird? He is all about supporting others.


Happy Wants You To Feel Better.jpg
It’s all in the name.


Dug Wants You To Feel Better
Dug loves you so much and Dug just wants you to be happy and we just want to hug him forever and ever.


Who do you turn to when you need to smile?

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