The Clean Freaks of Pixar


Remember that time we talked about germaphobes and we just wanted to sanitize everything afterwards? Well, these Pixar characters would completely understand. These are the ones who would happily indulge us in our quest for no germs. For that, we love them.

Jacques from Finding Nemo

The Clean Freak of Pixar: Jacques
He just can’t help himself. Nothing can or will deter this guy from cleaning a spot (or wall) of algae.
M-O from WALL•E

The Clean Freak of Pixar: M-O
He is tiny. He is focused. And he will remove every last bit of foreign contaminant in sight.

Remy from Ratatouille

The Clean Freak of Pixar: Remy
Remy has high standards for everything, especially cleanliness. He refuses to walk on his front paws, he washes those paws with a little drop of water before cooking, and he serves food on mini platters. That’s just cute.

Edna from The Incredibles

The Clean Freak of Pixar: Edna
Have you seen Edna’s abode? It is perfect with not a thing out of place. Her way of disinfecting is by throwing a tissue into a trash can of fire. True story.

Lightning McQueen from Cars

The Clean Freak of Pixar: Lightning McQueen
He’s so shiny. We get distracted just looking at him in all his spotless glory.

CDA from Monsters, Inc.

The Clean Freak of Pixar: CDA
CDA stands for Child Detection Agency, and it is literally their job to eradicate all kid cooties ever. Also, those suits. They are not messing around.

Mr. Huph from The Incredibles

The Clean Freak of Pixar: Mr. Huph
Clues to Mr. Huph’s cleaning prowess abound in this scene: not a hair out of place, freshly shaved, and his clear commitment to everything (and everyone) being in its proper place. Case in point:
The Clean Freak of Pixar: Mr. Huph

Colette from Ratatouille

The Clean Freak of Pixar: Colette
In her own words: “I’ll make this easy to remember. Keep your station clear, or I will kill you!” Colette is so fierce, and we love her.

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