We Want To Live In The Beast’s Castle Because, Library

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a big library is the way to our heart. We love to read. We love to read in musty old rooms stacked floor to ceiling with books. We especially love when the room of books, the library, la bibliotheque, as it were, is in a castle. And if it’s in an enchanted castle, well, that’s just a bonus. So why do we want to live in the Beast’s castle as opposed to other fine Disney castles? Because, library, that’s why. Read on.


First of all, before we saw the library, we, like Belle, were skeptical.
We mean, this is a great castle, but it’s slightly macabre and dusty, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot going on at first glance.


Beast is totally nervous about the surprise too.
Look at him checking to see that Belle doesn’t peek!


But he’s also so excited about the prospect of Belle being excited.
And we, in turn, are excited. What could the surprise be?!


Okay, just one more super cute Beast moment.
There’s something sweet. And almost kind.


We are already in love with this room. It has dual lion statues in the doorway. There is a very large globe. The tile work on the floor is of an exceptional quality.


But, as Beast pulls back the curtains, it gets even better.
We are seeing books and anticipation is building. Also, Belle’s outfit totally coordinates with the room’s decor. So, fate.


In this moment, we are Belle. She is us.


She’s never seen so many books in her life.
Honestly, we’re too busy freaking out over the books, AND THAT AWESOME LADDER, to consider whether or not we’ve seen this many books. We’re guessing, no.


Okay. Stop it, library.
But seriously, when can we move in? We would legitimately sleep on the ground in this glorious palace of books.


They’re both so happy!
It would be impossible to be anything but happy in this library.


There’s simply something there that wasn’t there before.
And that something is this library.


What do you think? Are you as in love with the library as we are? What Disney castle would you like to live in?

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