20 Things We Love About The Nightmare Before Christmas


In case you need some holiday spirit to get you over the passing of Halloween and the lull before Christmas, we’ve happily documented 20 things we love about our favorite Tim Burton classic (the list could have been much longer):


20. “This is Halloween”

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You will nary find an opening song that is simultaneously energetic and slightly creepy like this one. But it is strangely addictive in that you’d probably be fine listening to it over and over again. Especially when you add this a cappella version to the mix.


19. Cheering Halloween Town Residents

Halloween Town Residents

Now that’s what we call holiday spirit.


18. Jack Is Literally a Pumpkin King
The Pumpking King | The Nightmare Before Christmas

He transforms from a scarecrow with a pumpkin head back to his bony self after emerging from the fountain.


17. The Compliments that Jack Receives
Jack in Halloween Town | The Nightmare Before Christmas

“You’re such a scream, Jack!”
“You’re a witch’s fondest dream!”
“Jack, you make wounds ooze and flesh crawl!”
If only we could be so lucky to hear such compliments.


16. Sally’s Disarming Technique

Brilliant. And resourceful. Sally is an easy one to admire.


15. The Band
The band in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Partly because of their choice in instrument design. But mostly because they deliver one of the best lines of the film: “Nice work, Bone Daddy.” Classic.


14. The Curly Hill
The Curly Hill in The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s perfectly emblematic of Jack’s twisted angst over his place in life (or death).


13. The Hamlet Reference
Hamlet Reference in The Nightmare Before Christmas

What’s fun about being a skeleton if you can’t recite Shakespearean quotations in true form?


12. Zero
Zero | The Nightmare Before Christmas

Proof that dog is man’s best friend in both life and death.


11. The Mayor’s Accessories
The Mayor | The Nightmare Before Christmas

How perfectly appropriate for a public official of Halloween Town—a spider instead of a tie and a prominent affirmation of his mayoral office. We’re sure his happy face thought of that one.


10. The Holiday Trees
Holiday Trees | The Nightmare Before Christmas

It makes us wonder: if we aimlessly wander through the woods, would we stumble across holiday world entrances, too?


9. Jack’s Wide-Eyed Wonder
Jack's Wide-Eyed Wonder | The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s amazing because he can perfectly express this emotion without, well, eyes.


8. When Jack Eats the Snowball
Jack Eats the Snowball | The Nightmare Before Christmas

We don’t even care that he probably can’t taste the pristine bit of snow. His joy at finding something new is too adorable.


7. What’s This?

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This list could not be complete without this plot-changing song. Jack perfectly expresses everything that holiday cheer and excitement is all about.


6. Pumpkin Patch Tromper

The residents of Halloween Town go to great lengths to find Jack, but the perfectly understated and yet hilarious addition is when this fellow lumbers in with a pumpkin on his foot because he quite literally tromped through the pumpkin patch.


5. Dr. Finklestein’s Thoughts on Frog’s Breath
Frog's Breath | The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nothing’s more suspicious than this ingredient. Clearly.


4. Jack Reading The Scientific Method
Jack Reading The Scientific Method | The Nightmare Before Christmas

There’s got to be a logical way to explain this skeleton-reading-a-book thing.


3. Dr. Finklestein Learning to Share…
Dr. Finklestein in The Nightmare Before Christmas

…his brain that is. That’s one way to find your perfect match.


2. Oogie Boogie’s Lair
Oogie Boogie's Lair | The Nightmare Before Christmas

We can’t say that we love Oogie himself per se (he’s rather terrifying with all those bugs). But his lair is pretty genius and perfect for a gambling villain like him.


1. Simply Meant to Be
Jack and Sally are Simply Meant to Be

Jack finally gets some sense, and when he serenades Sally, our hearts melt forever.

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