Posing Tips from Disney’s Poised Princesses

Disney Princesses always strike the best poses. They’ve got the basics down, plus there is always a little something extra. Something magical, you might even say. Here are examples from your favorite photogenic princesses:


Disney Princess_Belle
Classic head tilt with a slight grin keeps you a little mysterious.


Snow White
Disney Princess_SnowWhite
Props are important. Especially when it’s a candid picture and your props are cute forest animals.


Disney Princess_Aurora
Don’t be scared to be dramatic with your movements. And it always helps to have good bone structure.


Disney Princess_Ariel
The right attitude can make anything look glamorous.


Disney Princess_Merida
Work with the weather. For example, a breeze is a great way to get natural wind-blown hair.


Disney Princess_Cinderella
Sometimes it’s best to act like the camera is not there.


Disney Princess_Mulan
Great example of using the whole space.


Disney Princess_Jasmine
The old look-away-from-the-camera pose.


Disney Princess_Pocahontas
Best use of mist goes to Pocahontas.


Disney Princess_Rapunzel
Sparrow face is the new duck face.


Disney Princess_Tiana
Use your talents for posing inspiration. Tiana is an expert chef. You know how we know? This picture.


Now that we’ve given you some tips, use #DisneyPrincessPose on Instagram to show us your best pose.

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