15 Signs We Spend Too Much Time Watching Disney Movies

We watch a lot of Disney movies. A lot. They’re ingrained in special places in our souls and we wouldn’t change that for all the jewels in the Cave of Wonders. But there’s a special sort of problem we have as a result: TMDMD. Too Much Disney Movie Disorder. A fake diagnosis we just made up to describe the sorts of awesome situations we run into on a daily basis because of the time we spend watching Disney movies.


1. We find real life jarring and sometimes wish some people were only in 2D.
What do you mean it’s not normal to wish people (and penguins) were in 2D?


2. We annoy friends by reciting the movie we’re watching from start to finish.
We cannot help ourselves and we can’t promise it won’t happen again.


3. We’ve analyzed every second of said movie and have discovered it’s a metaphor for ______.
Love, life, the journey, faith, magic, family, etc. Hercules’ biceps = the journey from childhood to adulthood. Also, he’s really strong.


4. We make people play six degrees of Disney.
It’s a game we semi-invented. Look for it in a future Oh My Disney post.


5. We have a go-to movie for our every mood.
Sad? Tangled cheers us up. Angry? Hercules can’t help but turn our frowns upside down. Hungry? Beauty and the Beast, for no logical reason.


6. We find ourselves trying to rewind our favorite real life moments.
Seriously, why can’t we re-watch our promotion at work and fast forward through tripping over our shoelaces? (Or running from disgruntled natives?)


7. Breaking into song is not unusual to us, but confuses those around us.
Deal with it, world. Also, that one sheep on the left looks super confused, right?


8. We question characters about the decisions they make in movies when we see them in the park.
Also, we hug them.


9. We can relate pretty much everything in our life to a moment in a Disney movie.
It’s the circle of life… and it moves us to watch Disney movies.


10. We get goosebumps during the Walt Disney Pictures title treatment every time.
Its promise of magical entertainment never fails to deliver.


11. We speak in Disney movie quotes.
Friend: “What’s this?”
Friend: …


*Fun fact: This is what our faces look like the entire time we’re watching a Disney movie.


12. When others unwittingly speak in Disney quotes we are secretly thrilled and simultaneously disappointed if they don’t know what they’ve done.
Missed opportunity.


13. We can fast forward to the exact moment of our favorite part of the movie with our eyes closed.
…And the sound turned off. And the movie doesn’t even have to be in the DVD player. We’re not messing around.


14. We try to resolve our problems within a 90 minute time frame.
It’s a great idea in theory. (For the purposes of this post, Percy represents our problems and Meeko represents the average length of a Disney movie.)


15. We believe in happily ever after.


What are some “problems” you have from time spent watching tons of Disney movies? Tell us in the comments!

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