The Little Mermaid Greatest Hits


The Little Mermaid and great songs are practically synonymous. Which is precisely why we are on a high tide of emotions with the new release of The Little Mermaid Greatest Hits. You might be thinking, but we already KNOW all the songs and every single lyric and dance along just like this:
Ariel dancing


But this compilation has a few surprises, songs that we mistakenly skipped over in our cavern of Disney knowledge (hey, we’re sure even Ariel had a few gadgets and gizmos that she forgot about). Case in point: a song called The Scuttle Strut. It just might be as amazing as Scuttle’s Serenade.


Can you even finish this article without listening to Part of Your World (or pretty much any Little Mermaid song)? Neither can we. So here’s a sampling of what you’ll find on the new compilation:


And just to really whet your appetite (er, vocal chords) for singing, join these Disney guests for a little karaoke:

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