Pixar Best Buds


You know where you can find some really good buddy situations? Pixar movies. These are friendships that other friendships want to be when they grow up. Everybody should have a buddy in their lives like the ones depicted in Pixar films. To set the mood, make sure you hit play below on a little track that really sums “friendship” up.

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Take the original buddies, Woody and Buzz.

Pixar best buds Buzz and Woody Toy Story

They didn’t start out too hot. (Woody did sort of try to push Buzz out of a window, but oh well, he does “fly” after all.) BUT when all is said and done, these two saved each other from being lost like five times probably. This is the bromance of Pixar bromances.


Sometimes opposites attract.

Pixar best buds Mater and Lightning McQueen in Cars

Lightning and Mater are the most unlikely of pals. When Lightning got stuck in Radiator Springs, he was none too happy about it, and he made sure everyone knew. Now these two are practically inseparable, so much so that Mater refuses to fix the dents he got while hanging out with his best friend, an idea that makes our hearts feel feelings.


Dory and Marlin were also accidental friends.

Pixar best buds Marlin and Dory Finding Nemo

Marlin didn’t exactly want any friends when he met Dory. He even tried to ditch her mid-film and she asked him not to with her “No one’s ever stuck with me for so long before” speech that melts hearts. Now they’re stuck together, which happens when you’ve got best bud love.


Wait, Mike and Sulley didn’t start off as BFFs either.

Pixar best buds Sulley and Mike in Monsters University

Is this a theme? Is Pixar telling us that best buds have to go through friendship-strengthening trials and tribulations before friends forever status is cemented and recounted in two films? Take note, those of you who are still in the market for a best bud.


Then there are the triplets from Brave.

Pixar best buds Harris Hubert and Hamish from Brave

These three don’t even talk but they’re somehow always on the same page.


Actually, that’s a good point. Best buds don’t have to say much.

Pixar best buds Ratatouille and Linguini

We know that Remy can talk (to other rats, duh), but Remy and Linguini can’t actually communicate except through the languages of food and friendship. In the end, they have each other’s back and are united in their quest to get a good review from Ego and prove their foodie prowess. Friends who cook together stay together.


Also, friends who save together stay together.

Pixar best buds Mr. Incredible and Frozone The Incredibles

You could say that Mr. Incredible and Frozone are SUPER best beds.


Best buds can come in all different shapes and sizes. And ages.

Pixar best buds Carl and Russell in Up

Ahhh they both needed a friend and they became friends and went on an epic adventure and then Russell got the Ellie badge and we don’t want to think about it anymore because it hurts.


In that case, let’s end on WALL•E.

Pixar best buds  Eve and WALL-E

Look at how supportive he is of EVE even though she is totally ignoring him and giving him the cold shoulder. That’s what being a best bud is all about.

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