A Buzz Lightyear Quote for Every Situation


His words are just so perfect.


When somebody eats the last piece of pizza:
Buzz Lightyear Quote Intergalactic Emergency


When people that we don’t know come to a party uninvited:
buzz lightyear quote life forms


When a scary movie trailer comes on TV and we aren’t ready for it:
buzz lightyear quote eyeballs


When somebody says they don’t like Disneyland:
buzz lightyear quote sad strange little man


When we work on a group project:
buzz lightyear quote no signs of intelligent life


When our baby cousin is finally potty trained:
buzz lightyear quote cowboy


When we need a good excuse to leave an awkward situation:
buzz lightyear quote my ship has crash landed here


When somebody chooses to call us sir or ma’am:
buzz lightyear quote space ranger


When we find a spider in the office:
buzz lightyear quote laser


When somebody changes the wireless password without telling us:
buzz lightyear quote universe in jeopardy


When somebody takes the last cookie in the cafeteria:
buzz lightyear quote revenge


When people seem to be judging us at the gym:
buzz lightyear quote fly around this room


When our dog fails to perform tricks in front of our friends:
buzz lightyear quote academy training


When we have a three-day weekend:
buzz lightyear to infinity

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