Goofy Makes Things Better


Fact: your chance of having a good time is increased when Goofy is around. (Let’s be real, just his laugh is enough to instantly cheer us up.) This list could go on forever, so here are just a few of the things that would be much improved if Goofy were involved:


GoofyMakesThingsBetter_ Surfing
Who needs an uncomfortable wetsuit when you could wear a printed matching outfit (gaucho pants included)?


GoofyMakesThingsBetter_ Skiing
A vertical drop is no match for this guy.


Midnight Snacking
Goofy puts a late-night bowl of ice cream to shame.


Playing Baseball
He’s a very intimidating athlete.


Traveling to a Tropical Island
The real game changer is this functional and tropical themed fruit cart.


Pro tip: Bring footprints to guide you. What could go wrong?


Weight Lifting
No need to blast that technoGoofy’s peppiness is the only exercise motivation we need.


Washing Windows
All window washing sessions should include a sweet set of overalls.


Road Trip-ing
A Goofy Movie- Epic Road Trip

When you have the right amount of pots, pans, and fishing rods packed, this is what your car should look like.


White Water Rafting
A Goofy Movie- River Singing
If you don’t have a raft, a car will work just fine.


Taking Naps
Goofy naps like no other. Look how he constructed the perfect napping environment: outside + hammock + lemonade = expert level nap planning.


He is even able to sleep through this.


… and this.
To conclude: we pretty much wish Goofy was here right now. And tomorrow. And all the time.

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