Disney Dance Moves Are the Best Dance Moves, Pt. 2


We highly suggest playing this song (Roar, from the Monsters University soundtrack) while you watch these Disney characters teach you a thing or two about how to move.


DJ_Disney Dance Moves


Press play and enjoy:

00:00 / 00:00


Start out with a little 5, 6, 7, 8!

ry&Terri_Disney Dance Moves


Left, right, left, right (repeat).

Birds_Disney Dance Moves


Attempt the jump rope.

Gorilla_Disney Dance Moves


Now do the running Tigger.

Tigger_Disney Dance Moves


Add a little bounce.

Rubber Ducky_Disney Dance Moves


And a high knee or two.

The Aristocats_Disney Dance Moves


Jump around!

Mouses_Disney Dance Moves


Or try to shuffle.

Genie_Disney Dance Moves


Remember: a little hula never hurt anybody.

Timon_Disney Dance Moves


Do the Roo.  (This might just be the go-to move of the summer. Or of forever.)

Roo_Disney Dance Moves


Wind it up (like only Squishy can).

Squishy_Disney Dance Moves


Then break it down.

Art_Disney Dance Moves


Now the “up, down, touch the ground” wave.

Winnie The Pooh_Disney Dance Moves


Moonwalk it out. (The groove is required.)

Kuzco_Disney Dance Moves


And, this might go without saying, then RAISE THE ROOF!

Donald_Disney Dance Moves

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