Pirates of the Caribbean: Post Round-Up


It’s no secret that we love Pirates of the Caribbean. Something that started out based simply on one of Disneyland’s classic rides has become a universe of its own (a universe we wouldn’t mind being a part of… as long as we could kick it with Johnny).


Idea of the day: Let’s make this not-so-exciting day a little more swashbuckling with a Pirates post round-up. Savvy?


Oh Snap, Jack

Captain Jack is a devilishly handsome adventurer who has an unparalleled way with words.


Disney Doppelgangers: Pirates Edition

Can’t you see the resemblance?


What a Disney Princess Might Say to Captain Jack Sparrow

Disney Princesses + Jack = Hilarity


Eligible Disney Bachelors

Because who is more eligible than Captain Jack?

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