10 Disney Ways We Wish We Could Travel


It’s easy to see transportation as a purely practical thing. We appreciate the cars, buses, bikes, and feet that get us from point a to point b every day, but as usual, Disney characters find a way to do it better. Why use a boring car when you could travel by one of these?


Helicopter Hat


This would make your commute FLY by (corny joke alert). If you’re in it for the view, this is the way to go. Besides, it’s kind of fashionable, if you’re into the industrial-chic thing.


Vines and Branches

Not only is this a green way to travel (we promise, that was the last corny joke), but it is a workout at the same time. Tarzan’s biceps could be yours! (If vine-swinging becomes the next workout du jour, remember that we said it first.)



This is the classier, more elegant version of Inspector Gadget’s helicopter hat. The umbrella talks up a storm and offers protection from the rain. Plus, it’s just plain magical. It’s practically perfect. In every way. (We love Mary Poppins, can you tell?)



Too bad there’s only one.


Balloon House

You know how sometimes want to go somewhere but you also don’t want to leave your house? Problem solved. Plus, this option literally has all the comforts of home. (Advice: check your porch for stowaways.)


Pumpkin Coach

You’d feel like royalty. And we bet you love feeling like royalty.


Magic Carpet

Not only would this be a great way to impress the princess in your life, but it also looks super comfy. Not to mention the fact that this carpet is apparently super fast—Aladdin and Jasmine saw a handful of the world’s major landmarks in one night on that thing!



Being a kid again and blowing bubbles is exciting in itself, but traveling in one might just be too much to handle. Seeing the places we live from above would be pretty magical… even if those places aren’t as cool as the Emerald City. On a practical note, the bubble would protect you from the elements while providing excellent visibility.


Flying and/or Outer Space Fire Extinguisher

If you could fly like these two, the galaxy would be your oyster. You could zip by the moon on the way home from work (we know this might be impossible without at least a space suit, but don’t burst our bubble).





These are just some of the Disney traveling options we love. Which one would you choose?

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