Rip Girls: Best Vacation Ever?

Rip Girls is one of the classic Disney Channel Original Movies of our childhood. We watched it on repeat, developed crushes on Kona, and started wearing board shorts all over town. Since this classic DCOM is airing tonight at midnight on Disney Channel (excitement!!) it seemed like a good time to reflect on the fact that Sydney’s two week trip to Hawaii may have been the best vacation ever, at least documented by the Disney Channel. On one single trip, Sydney:


Rediscovers her roots.


Makes friends.


Meets a cute boy.


Learns to surf.
Rip Girls Sydney Surfing


Gets her life saved by the cute boy.


Rides horses (in Hawaii) to an abandoned plantation.


Sneaks out to attend a luau (where cute boy kisses her, by the by).
Rip Girls Luau




Gets a surfboard made with her face on it.


Refuses to sell the beach, even when she thinks everyone in Makai hates her.


Conquers her fear of getting back in the ocean in order to save Gia.


Convinces her family to MOVE to Makai so that she can stay in Makai forever.


**There is that dark period where everyone is mad at Sydney and she questions everything good that happened the whole time, but every movie needs an obstacle, right?

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