That Awkward Moment When Your Dog is an Alien

Let’s have a real talk moment. Lilo’s sister took her to the pound to adopt a dog. Which is a lovely thing to do. And then Lilo fell in love with one. Except it was maybe not quite as much dog as one would normally find at a dog pound…


He had several extra arms.


And he was being tracked by space aliens.


And also there was that thing about him being programmed for destruction.


And thus Lilo and her sister became intimately familiar with the repercussions of that awkward moment when your dog actually ends up being an alien. On the bright side, Stitch being an alien had several distinct advantages over him being a dog.


He could help fix things. (Sometimes before destroying them.)


And sport these awesome shades while enjoying a snow cone.


And dance.


And roll into a ball.


And read.


And make San Francisco out of found objects from a child’s room. (We’ll ignore the destruction part of this one, too.)


And surf.


And drive a spacecraft.


Andspoiler alertsave people.


Moral of the story: if you find yourself facing an awkward moment in which your dog is actually an alien… maybe it’s not so bad.

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