8 Warnings You’re Headed for Happily Ever After

We’ve walked you through the stages of relationships, as according to Disney. We’ve also given you some tell-tale signs that your life is based on a Disney soundtrack. But how do you know if you’re headed for the happy ending of a fairy tale?


We thought you’d never ask. Here are eight things to watch out for:


Your sidekick has just come through in a major way.
Happily Ever After_Gus


Someone has made (or offered to make) a huge sacrifice for youor vice versa.
Happily Ever After_Tangled


The villain(ess) has been defeated.
Tale As Old As Time- Gaston Falling


You’re suddenly wearing a completely different, and impossibly stylish, outfit.
Happily Ever After_Tiana


You’re ballroom dancing.
Happily Ever After_Dancing


Happily Ever After_Dancing 2


You’ve just had a true love’s kiss or love’s first kiss moment.
Happily Ever After_SnowWhite


Happily Ever After_SleepingBeautyKiss


Fireworks are involved.
Happily Ever After_Aladdin


You’re riding off into the proverbial (or literal) sunset.
Happily Ever After_Cinderella


Happily Ever After_RobinHood


If any of these things are happening to you, beware. Happily Ever After is coming for you. And it’s probably going to be great.

Posted 10 months ago
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