Reasons We’re Excited to See Monsters University

Monsters University is now playing! This movie has everything: giant librarians, baby monsters, a classic college rivalry, and a variety of monsters of every shape, size, and age (we’re looking at you, Don Carlton). These are the reasons we’re most excited to get our monster behinds to the movie theater this weekend:


We want to see the beginning of Mike and Sulley’s BFF-dom.


The animation will be amazing.
Monsters University Animation Progression gif
Read more about it on the Disney Insider.


This picture.


Basically everything about Art and the other OK brothers.


The Blue Umbrella short that will play before the


These scary ladies.
monsters university sorority




Most importantly, after waiting for 12 years, we’re excited to see these jokesters back in action.


Can’t wait one more minute to see Monsters U? Help pass the time by training for the Scare Games.

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