Monstrous Summer Eye-nouncement is Huge and Awesome


Mike Wazowski stopped by Epcot last night to help make a very special announcement. Disney Parks are going to kick off the “Monstrous Summer” with a 24-hour “All-Nighter” in honor of Monsters University! That’s right: the Magic Kingdom Park, Disneyland, and Disney California Adventure Park will all be open a full 24 hours on May 24. (Get it, 24/24, get it?)


We were understandably excited about the announcement, but our favorite part? A 180-foot-tall Mike Wazowski taking over Spaceship Earth. Duh. Cool Mike Wazowski projection is cool:

Mike Wazowski MikeGif2 MikeGif3 MikeGif4

Want to learn more about the All-Nighter? Of course you do. You might also want to get tickets. Just saying.

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