Prince Edward Appreciation Society

We heart Enchanted’s Prince Edward. He’s kind of one of our most favorite princes. Before we tell you why, everyone put your hand over your heart and repeat after us: “We, fans of Prince Edward, do solemnly swear to always remember how awesome he is and pretty much just continue to obsess over him daily. Oh, and we promise to compare every guy we meet to Prince Edward whether or not that makes us seem weird.”

Did you swear? Ok, good. You’ve been initiated into the Society and we can begin.


Prince Edward has impossibly puffy sleeves. And he rocks said sleeves.


He loves NY.


Even after he kiiiind of has a feeling Giselle might no longer love him, he still helps defeat his totally-evil stepmother to save her.


He’s helpful at parties.


He’s willing to travel through the “sewer of animation portal” (yeah, we named it that) to find Giselle. That can’t be a pleasant journey.


He lets the girl save him once in a while.


He’s willing to battle rush hour public transportation. If that isn’t romantic we don’t know what is.


He lounges in full Prince-wear sans shoes, but with sword. We appreciate his commitment.


He enjoys statues. He’s totally into art, guys.


His general verve for life is refreshing.


He’s polite, even when trying to engage in man-to-man combat.


He’s loyal. Even to this guy.


Also, he’s dreamy.



Swoon. What were we saying? Oh, right. Prince Edward is awesome and now you know why. Our work here is done.

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