Heimlich Is Everything

There’s just something about Heimlich that makes our hearts happy. We’re not going to say that he’s our favorite character in A Bug’s Life, but we’re also not going to not say it, either (wink, wink). Let’s take a look at why Heimlich is so great!

He’s Brave

Heimlich A Bug's Life
When the colony is threatened by a hungry bird, Heimlich pitches in (reluctantly, accidentally) as live bait. Hilarity and bravery ensue! Let’s revisit this moment of heroism in .GIF form:

Heimlich A Bug's Life
And then, as we all know, he gets stuck. It looks a little something like this:

Heimlich A Bug's Life

He’s Hungry
We relate to Heimlich’s constant hunger. We can hardly even finish thinking about how great Heimlich is, because we want a snack.
Heimlich A Bug's Life

Heimlich A Bug's Life

He’s Cute
Words can’t do his cuteness justice, so here you go:

Heimlich A Bug's Life
Heimlich A Bug's Life
It Looks Like He’s Wearing Mittens

Heimlich A Bug's Life
We’re not sure how or why those creative folks up at Pixar Animation Studios chose to make Heimlich’s hands look like he’s wearing mittens, but it makes us just want to reach out and give him a little caterpillar handshake, like this:

He’s Optimistic

Heimlich A Bug's Life
Let’s face it, Heimlich is the least-mobile and most misunderstood of all the “Warrior Bugs” in A Bug’s Life. Nevertheless, he’ll be the first to tell you that there are big things in store for him, including but not limited to being “a beautiful butterfly!” We should all keep Heimlich’s optimism in mind when we’re having less-than-stellar days or feel like we’re just one of a million tiny ants.

He IS A Beautiful Butterfly

Heimlich A Bug's Life
Who’d have thought that all that talk about becoming a beautiful butterfly wasn’t just talk? Our favorite little caterpillar really did earn his wings, and as he flies away into the sunset, everyone else just looks like tiny little ants.

He Has His Own Ride

Heimlich A Bug's Life
Finally, Heimlich is great because he has his very own ride, and it’s called Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train. Get it? Chew Chew Train. That’s genius! Anyway, it’s at Disney’s California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort, and the train is helmed by a grinning, candy corn-gobbling Heimlich that we just really want to hug a lot.

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