Guide to Seeing Oz The Great and Powerful at Midnight


Oz The Great and Powerful is almost here! We’ve been trying to contain our excitement, but we’re failing pretty miserably. The solution: see it tonight at midnight. Clearly. We’re getting our witch-inspired outfits and “We <3 China Girl” signs ready to go (seriously, y’all, she’s pretty awesome). Below you’ll find our guide to seeing Oz the Great and Powerful at midnight. All the cool kids are doing it.

In Preparation for Standing in Line

Have witch-inspired nails.
Oz the Great and Powerful Nails
Black. Pointy. Terrifying. Bonus points for green hands.

Dress up.
Oz the Great and Powerful Witches
Pick one of the characters and go to town. You could dress up in a white Glinda-inspired ensemble (preferably with sparkles), Evanora in a black dress with green feathers for accent, Theodora in deep shades of red (with matching hat, for sure), or the Wizard in a top hat and tails.

Do your makeup.
Oz the Great and Powerful Glinda Makeup
Pay homage to Glinda by following this Oz The Great and Powerful makeup tutorial.

Add a little magic to your favorite items.
Oz the Great and Powerful Crafts
Because you’re never too old for Oz The Great and Powerful stickers, or too cool for a little extra magic.

While You’re in Line

Download the Oz Temple Run App.
Oz the Great and Powerful Temple Run
It’s cool, it takes place in Oz, and it’s a GREAT way to pass the time while you’re waiting to hear Zach Braff as the voice of a monkey.

Oz the Great and Powerful Find Your way
Read our article about the hidden gems of the Find Your Way to Oz Google Chrome Experiment for what to do when you get there.

Pretend you’re a wizard and try to make the line disappear.
Oz the Great and Powerful Wizard
Success stories should be tweeted to us at @OhMyDisney (wherein we reserve the right to be awe-inspired).

Play anagrams.
Oz the Great and Powerful Anagrams
Use the names of the film’s stars and see how many words you can spell. We’ll get you started. James Franco: cone, same, jam, ran, mean, near. Your turn!

Game it up.
Oz the Great and Powerful Game 1
Oz the Great and Powerful Game 2

Play Follow the Yellow Brick Road and Journey to Oz on the official site. We love both, but we especially can’t stop playing the first one.

Most importantly, don’t forget to buy your tickets to the midnight show. Even if you are a powerful wizard, we hear you still need one of those paper stubs to get into to theater.

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