Ingredients for a Fairy Tale


Happy Tell a Fairy Tale Day! In honor of this momentous occasion, we’ve been thinking about fairy tales. A lot. Each fairy tale recipe has a different combination of elements to get to happily ever after. But, we’ve noticed that the metaphorical ingredients are often the same:

A land far far away.
Cinderella Castle

A damsel in distress.
Sleeping Beauty Aurora Spinning Wheel

A charming prince.
Prince Eric The Little Mermaid

A sarcastic sidekick for comic relief.
Mushu Mulan

A frightful villain.
Maleficent Sleeping Beauty

(And his/her evil henchmen.)
Iago Jafar Aladdin

A seemingly impossible set of circumstances to overcome.
Mulan The Huns

A surprisingly heroic moment.
Cogsworth Beauty and the Beast

A sneaky assist from a secondary character.
Flounder Ariel The Little Mermaid

A potentially fatal occurrence.
Beauty and the Beast Ending Belle

Tangled Rapunzel Flynn Ending

Happily ever after.
Cinderella and Prince Charming

Now that we’re done with that, you should watch this adorably-interpreted retelling of Cinderella. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that a little whimsy is the best way to brighten up a Tuesday?

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