What to Do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day


Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, Tangled’s Rapunzel has got you covered. Here are some things you can do to make the day go by faster.


1. Read a book (or maybe two or three).

Tangled Read a Book


2. Add a few new paintings to your gallery.

Tangled Painting


3. Play guitar.

Tangled Rapunzel Guitar


4. And knit.

Tangled Rapunzel Knitting


5. And cook.

Tangled Rapunzel Baking Pie


6. Then, after lunch, puzzles.

Tangled Rapunzel Puzzel


7. Darts.

Tangled Rapunzel Darts


8. Baking.

Tangled Rapunzel Baking Cookies


9. Paper-mache.

Tangled Rapunzel Paper Mache


10. A bit of ballet.

Tangled Rapunzel Ballet


11. And chess.

Tangled Rapunzel Chess


12. Pottery.

Tangled Rapunzel Pottery


13. And ventriloquy.

Tangled Rapunzel Ventriloquy


14. Candle-making.


15. Stretch.


16. Maybe sketch.

Tangled Rapunzel Sketch


17. Take a climb.


18. Sew a dress.


19. Re-read the books, if you have time to spare.

Tangled Rapunzel Reading


20. Paint the wall some more, we’re sure there’s room somewhere.

Tangled Rapunzel Painting Wall


21. Brush and brush and brush and brush your hair.

Tangled Rapunzel Brushing Hair


22. Wonder when will your life begin.

Tangled Rapunzel


Happy Valentine’s Day from Oh My Disney!

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