An Ode to the Spaghetti Kiss


Dear Spaghetti Kiss (of Lady and the Tramp fame),

We love you. Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, we thought it best to tell you how spectacularly endearing we think you are. Please accept our extreme admiration in the form of a chronological retelling of your existence.

You began at the very place for a very special occasion:

Tony's Restaurant from Lady and the Tramp

You then proceeded with this undeniably irresistible exchange between Tramp and the world’s best restaurant owner:

Tony and Tramp Lady and the Tramp

Flash back to Lady in an award-winning performance of “shy girl behind fence post”:

Lady in Lady and the Tramp

Then you set the mood…

Lady and the Tramp at Dinner

Once everyone ordered “two spaghetti especiale,” it was time for the lovers to dine:

Lady and Tramp Spaghetti

Cue the soundtrack (and by soundtrack we mean accordion serenade by our two new favorite chefs):

Tony Accordian Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp

And then comes the most adorable two minutes ever committed to the animation screen (and a great PSA for sharing):

Tramp Shares Meatball Lady and the Tramp

… complete with stars in her eyes:

Lady in Lady and the Tramp

… and the “will they or won’t they” moment to end all others:

Lady and Tramp Spaghetti

… and the SPAGHETTI KISS we never knew our lives were missing:

Spaghetti Kiss Lady and the Tramp

And it was a lovely bella notte.

Bella Notte Lady and the Tramp

Oh, spaghetti kiss scene. Could you be any more wonderful? You have everything; romance, humor, dogs, an impromptu musical performance, and an old school laundry shot. For a few minutes, you make us sure that our happily ever afters are just one spaghetti dinner away.

Now that we mention it, we think we’ll watch you again in the Bella Notte scene from Lady and the Tramp:

And we’ll stare at this gif on loop:

Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti Kiss GIF

And we’ll watch this live action dogs version of Bella Notte:

And we’ll make these cupcakes inspired by you:

Lady and the Tramp Cupcakes Spoonful

We hope you know how sincere we are when we say, thank you Spaghetti Kiss. You make us feel all warm and fuzzy. We can only keep our fingers crossed that our Valentine’s Days are half as romantic and a third as endearing as you are.

Yours truly,

Oh My Disney

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