How Well Do You Know… Up?

Calling all Up experts! Are you ready to claim a badge based on your extreme attention to Pixar details? You think you’re a fan, but have you combed the cast list, scoured every frame for hidden messages, and calculated how many balloons it’d take to carry your own house up and into the sky?

There’s only one way to find out if you’re up to the task: take this quiz!


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Carl and Russell from Up


What is the name of the club that Russell is a member of?

Carl and Kevin and Russell from Up


What mythical bird does Carl send Russell out hunting for as a way to distract him?



Up contains a brief glimpse of which Toy Story character?

Pixar Love - Ellie Badge


What flavor soda is on the Ellie Badge that Carl pins on Russell?



When Dug gets punished for losing track of Kevin, what is he forced to wear?



What is the name of Charles Muntz's airship?



What surprising fact do we learn about Kevin over the course of the film?

Pixar Moments_UP_Carl and Ellie Young


The voice of young Ellie is provided by the daughter of which cast or crew member?

Pixar Life Lessons: Up


Up won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. What is the other Academy Award that Up also won that year?

Dug: Disney Animals That Are Better Than People


What is the name of the ice cream shop where Carl and Russell get ice cream and watch cars drive by?



And if you’re still in the mood to keep taking quizzes, try some trivia from The Little Mermaid next!

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