How Well Do You Know… The Lion King?

Is your life motto “be prepared” or are you more of a “hakuna matata” type? Let’s see just how prepared you are to answer questions about Disney’s saga of the Pride Lands.

1) Can you name the three hyenas?
A) Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed
B) Victor, Hugo, and Laverne
C) Fisi, Waraabe, and Impisi


2) Exactly what type of animal is Rafiki?
A) A baboon
B) A mandrill
C) A tamarin


3) In which language does “Simba” mean “lion”?
A) Swahili
B) Portuguese
C) Manazoto


4) Finish the lyric: I’ve never seen a king of beasts with …
A) Such a puny roar
B) Quite so little hair
C) A teenaged attitude


5) How many Academy Awards did The Lion King win?
A) None
B) One
C) Two


6) Who directed The Lion King Musical on Broadway?
A) Julie Taymor
B) Elton John
C) Kirk Wise


7) To Timon, what do grubs taste like?
A) Chicken
B) Pudding
C) Heaven


8) Where is Scar’s scar?
A) His Left Eye
B) His Right Eye
C) Across his neck


9) After Simba is lured into the gorge by Scar, what type of animal comes stampeding through?
A) Buffalo
B) Wildebeests
C) Rhinos


10) Which of the following animals is not named in Zazu’s morning report?
A) Ostriches
B) Leopards
C) Elephants



Scroll down to see how you did!











1) A – Victor and pals are the gargoyles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, while, Fisi, Waraabe, and Impisi all mean “hyena” in various African languages.
2) B – Rafiki’s colorful face identifies him as a mandrill – baboons are very close cousins, however.
3) A – Simba is Swahili, one of the languages spoken in southeast Africa.
4) B – The mane will come!
5) C – The Lion King took home statuettes for Best Original Score and Best Song, for “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”
6) A – Elton John co-wrote the songs, and Kirk Wise co-directed the film.
7) A – We’ll just have to believe him on this one.
8) A – The story behind this marking isn’t addressed in the film, but it says a lot about the lion’s character.
9) B – This scene is an early example of blending hand drawn and computer generated animation for a special effect.
10) A – Zazu doesn’t make it through too many animals before he finds himself the target in a pouncing lesson!

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