How Well Do You Know … Walt Disney?


1. Name the fraternal organization that Walt belonged to as a teen:
A. Rotary
B. DeMolay
C. Circle K
D. Zonta


2. Which “Mary Poppins” song was Walt’s favorite?
A. “Chim Chim Cher-ee”
B. “Feed the Birds”
C. “Spoonful of Sugar”
D. “Jolly Holiday”


3. What famous rodeo appointed Walt as its grand marshal?
A. Corn Palace Stampede
B. Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede
C. Cody Stampede
D. Calgary Stampede


4. Which theater did Walt sell cartoons to while working for the Kansas City Film Ad Company?
A. Newman Theater
B. Granada Theater
C. Augusta Theater
D. Mainstreet Theater


5. Where was Walt’s favorite vacation spot? 
A. La Jolla, CA
B. Carmel, CA
C. Palm Springs, CA
D. Santa Barbara, CA


6. What was thought to be Walt’s favorite themed land at Disneyland Park?
A. Frontierland
B. Fantasyland
C. Tomorrowland
D. Adventureland



Continue reading for the answers and see how you scored!



1. – B. Walt belonged to the DeMolay fraternal organization.
2. – B. “Feed the Birds” was Walt’s favorite “Mary Poppins” song.
3. – D. Calgary Stampede appointed Walt grand marshal.
4. – A. Walt sold cartoons to the Newman Theater while working for the Kansas City Film Ad Company.
5. – C. Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs, CA, was Walt’s favorite vacation spot.
6. – B. Fantasyland was thought to be Walt’s favorite themed land in Disneyland.



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