Throwback Thursday: Bringing Aladdin Home


Once upon a time, the release of a movie in theatres was the culmination of a creative journey that often took years to complete. However, as technology came to support in-home entertainment, it meant that a movie’s journey would be extended beyond that point.

In the days of Aladdin, which was released in 1992, this journey had already come to include a VHS release, putting the musical adventure of a boy in Agrabah into the personal collection of millions of fans around the world. Though the film was complete, new art had to be created for packaging and promotion, and it had to do justice to what had quickly become a new classic.

We decided to look back at the home video release of Aladdin and see how the design of the VHS cover came to be.

Take a look at this gallery of original pencil sketches:


Now that you’ve seen the concepts, take a look at the final design:



What Disney films do you have in your collection?

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