Behind The Scenes of “In Summer”


Guess what, guys: it’s summer! We don’t know why, but we’ve always loved the idea of summer and sun and all things hot.

That’s why we especially love this “In Summer” music video that celebrates the beginning of summer.

Get a special behind-the-scenes look at the cast getting prepped for the shoot below. Be sure to create your own “In Summer” ode to Olaf’s favorite time of year and include #FrozenInSummer!

Behind the Scenes of Frozen's In SummerNick Pitera gets ready for his cameo in “In Summer.” You might recognize him from some other amazing amazing Disney videos.


Behind the Scenes of Frozen's In Summer

McKenzie Mack in the makeup chair.


Behind the Scenes of Frozen's In Summer

Nia Radar having her hair done for her cameo as a cafeteria lady.


Behind the Scenes of Frozen's In Summer

Sean O’Donnell between takes.

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