David Lerner Collection for Maleficent


After we saw Maleficent, we were determined to channel some of Maleficent’s edge into our fashion. Now with the help of the David Lerner Collection for Maleficent, we have the perfect way to emulate the mistress of all evil in a modern way. The collection uses luxe materials, like refined leather, that give each piece a unique look. We love the sleek contemporary shapes of this collection, and how versatile the pieces can be. You could easily wear them out and about, or dress them up for any party crashing you might need to do. The collection is available now at David Lerner!


Coated Lizard Sheer Shoulder Dress 1 of 5
Ruffle Collar Dress 2 of 5
Leather Trim Cami 3 of 5
Back Yoke Coated Lizard Legging 4 of 5
Coated Lizard Muscle Tunic 5 of 5
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