Tangled, As Told By Four-Year-Olds

What’s the only thing better than Tangled itself? Adorable four-year-old girls retelling the story.

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Remembering Disneyland Through My Grandfather’s Eyes

We grew up in Ventura County, California, and we were fortunate to go to Disneyland many times.

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Gear Up for Throwback To School Week!

Break out your fanny packs and windbreakers, we’re throwing it back to the ’90s for Throwback to School Week!

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Get the Behind-The-Scenes Story of Elsa’s Hair

If we had to pick our favorite part of Frozen (which is really difficult for us to do), it would have to be Elsa’s magical transformation during her song “Let It Go.”

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Disney Questions We Need Answered, Part Two

It has been confirmed that we analyze Disney movies too much. We didn’t choose the Disney life, the Disney life chose us! 

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11 Reasons We Love Jack Skellington

If you’re like us, you probably watched The Nightmare Before Christmas on VHS every single day after school with a snack of apple wedges dipped in peanut butter…or something like that.

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Lion King-Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Everyone remembers the iconic first scene of The Lion King.

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Get Goofy!

Life gets pretty challenging at times. Work, school, obligations, who needs ‘em? In times of hardship, we like to turn to the classics—the Disney classics, of course!

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