Paging Tom Morrow: Today Is the 40th Anniversary of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

This leisurely ride through the future is one of our favorite attractions at WDW.

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Everything We Need to Know We Learned From Disney Movies, Part 3

Today we’re reminding you of some of the sneakily profound lessons you probably learned from Disney movies.

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Stitchers Music Guide: Stitcher in the Rye

Retro music reigns supreme in Stitchers episode “Stitcher in the Rye,” but not from the famed rock n’ roll bands you’d expect.

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6 Ways to Add Some Disney Style to Your 4th of July Outfit

Walt Disney expressed it best when he said, “I get red, white, and blue at times.”

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Pretty Little Liars Music Guide: Hide and Seek

This week’s music selections on Pretty Little Liars span the spectrum, from sleepy dream pop to Grace Potter-esque bluesy rock from DOROTHY.

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Quiz: How Many of These Disneyland Attractions Have You Been On?

Alright friends, here’s the situation: We’re SO excited that Disneyland is celebrating its official 60th anniversary in a mere two weeks. (July 17th hurrrrrry upppp!)

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10 Signs You’re a Pirate Who Magically Transforms into a Skeleton in the Moonlight

Mystery solved.

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Quiz: Guess the Disney•Pixar Movie From These Five Words

Beautiful CGI + emotions + snappy dialogue made up of at least five words = all Disney•Pixar films.

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