Tomorrowland Writer Jeff Jensen Reveals the Movie’s Secret History

In Disney’s Tomorrowland, everyday citizens, blessed with overactive imaginations, are plucked from the humdrum reality of everyday life and whisked to a magical, futuristic world where anything is possible. The same could be said of Jeff Jensen, a writer and editor at Entertainment Weekly, who was called upon to help create Tomorrowland alongside some genuine […]

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Cataloguing Monster Maker Rick Baker’s History With the Walt Disney Company

Rick Baker is a monster maker and special effects wizard and he’s worked with Disney for decades, coming up with countless unforgettable characters. On the eve of his retirement, we thought we’d look back at all of his contributions.

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7 Signs That You’re Actually Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Science has yet to provide a solve for Belle, good thing we’re not science ’cause we just did.

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The Ultimate Disney Nail Art Roundup

We recently went down a rabbit hole looking back at past videos on the official Disney Style YouTube channel and we realized we have some pretty amazing nail art tutorials on file.

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Quiz: Which Disney Captain Should Officiate Your Wedding?

Admit it—you’ve thought about your wedding.

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We Bet We Can Make You Feel Nostalgic

Ever since you were a wee tot, the magic of Disney and Disney•Pixar movies has been tickling the very edges of your imagination.

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The Best Things Happen on the Water

Boating, swimming, surfing, etc., H20 is just plain cool.

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How Paint the Night Continues the Legacy of the Main Street Electrical Parade

Find out how Paint the Night, the new nighttime parade at Disneyland debuting as part of the 60th Celebration, pays homage to parades of the past while carving its own path down Main Street.

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