You Will Cry While Watching This Moana Casting Announce

How would you react if you found out you’d just been cast in the next Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film?

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Quiz: How Savvy Are You?

Whether you’re a blacksmith’s apprentice trying to woo your bonnie lass or you’re following a non-directional compass to some fabled destination, everyone’s savvy to some part of the pirate life.

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Poll: Which Muppet do You Want to See on “The Muppets”?

The Muppets are back on TV in ABC’s The Muppets and we couldn’t be more excited! Although there are a ton of Muppets filling the halls of “Up Late with Miss Piggy,” ranging from perennial favorites to woefully obscure, there are still a few of our favorites who have yet to appear. Below, you can […]

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9 Easy Ways to Celebrate Your Love for Disney on the Daily

Learn how to add some Disney magic to your day with these videos, tips, recipes, and DIYs!

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Breaking Down the Mad Hatter’s Signature Style

While we never need an excuse to talk about the whimsical style of the Mad Hatter, it seemed appropriate to today since it’s Mad Hatter Day!

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The 5 Cutest Arlo Moments in the New The Good Dinosaur Trailer

Just know in advance that these will probably make you cry.

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Editor’s Picks: Our 5 Favorite Merchandise Items from Epcot Food and Wine Festival

These are the things you have to snap up.

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How Epcot Food and Wine Festival Highlights the Park’s Amazing Uniqueness

It amplifies the magic.

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