An In-Depth Analysis of Prince Eric’s Gentle Soul

Prince Eric is the hipster Disney Prince, and if you all don’t believe us on this one, you’re about to.

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10 Disney Villains Songs Rewritten for Food

Two of our greatest pleasures in life are food and Disney music. Where Walt Disney had a suitcase and a dream, we have a huge appetite and a shelf full of Disney DVDs. We started with Disney love songs rewritten for food, then tackled Disney power ballads rewritten for food. Now, in the spirit of […]

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A Definitive Ranking of Will Turner Quotes

When it comes to Pirates of the Caribbean quotes, Captain Jack Sparrow tends to get all the attention.

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8 Things You Should Look Forward to at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Candy + Halloween Spooks + Disney Magic.

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Quiz: Can You Name the Obscure Disney Character?

Good things often come in small—and obscure—packages.

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Our Spooky and Stylish Nightmare Before Christmas Picks

Starting October 1 through December 25, our obsession for The Nightmare Before Christmas goes into overdrive.

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Disney Young Adult Novels Plus These Songs Are a Formula for Happiness

It’s no secret that we love Disney movies, but what you might not know is that we love Disney books just as much.

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What Your Favorite Nightmare Before Christmas Character Says About You

For it is plain, as anyone can see, your Nightmare preferences were simply meant to be.

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