In the Studio with Disney Artist Lorelay Bove

One of the reasons that Walt Disney Records’ new Legacy Collection of albums really stands out–aside from the famous film scores they feature–is the incredible art that adorns each¬†collectible album.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Gets a Release Date, Savvy?

Walt Disney Studios has just announced that the next installment of our favorite film series starring Captain Jack Sparrow has a release date!

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Raise a Black Flag! A New Pirates of the Caribbean Film Is Coming

Prepare the celebratory cannon fire! Walt Disney Studios has just made it official: The fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean will come to theaters on July 7, 2017!

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From the Purse of: Edna Mode

Fact: Edna Mode is the very epitome of Disney Style. Her attitude, amazing advice, and super creations exude the definition of fashion.

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Quiz: Complete These Disney Lyrics

We’re pretty sure you like Disney songs, but how well do you know them?

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Chasing Life Music Guide: Unplanned Parenthood

This week on Chasing Life: April saw a fertility doctor to learn about her options prior to starting chemotherapy and looked to her cancer support group for advice on how to tell Dominic about her leukemia.

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Pretty Little Liars Music Guide: The Silence of E. Lamb

Wow, how awesome was the music on tonight’s Pretty Little Liars?

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Travel the Galaxy in Style and Comfort

When Guardians of the Galaxy comes to theatres on August 1, audiences will get to visit deep space locations unlike any that have appeared in film before.

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