Watch This House Light Up to “Ready or Not”

Looking at Christmas lights is one of our favorite holiday activities, but there isn’t a thing in our neighborhood that stands up to this awesomeness.

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Quiz: How Addicted to Disney are You?

We are all addicted to Disney in some way or another.

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Hayley Atwell on the 1940’s Style of Agent Carter

Step aside, Iron Man and Thor: there’s a new Marvel Super Hero taking the spotlight.

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Meet Agent Carter, Marvel’s New Hero, Before Her ABC Debut

On January 6, a new action-packed Marvel project is coming to ABC–but this isn’t your average superhero fare.

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Every Disney Princess Outfit, Ranked

Every Disney Princess has her signature, stunning outfit: Cinderella’s ball gown, Snow White’s blue and yellow dress, and Aurora’s color-changing final outfit all stick in our memories.

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Jolliest Holiday

The most amazing thing happened at Disney World for my birthday this year.

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Have You Heard Forever In Your Mind’s Holiday Single?

Forever In Your Mind, a boy band put together by Simon Cowell on the X Factor USA, are out to take over the world with their pop harmonies.

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You Know You Grew Up With The Lion King When…

If you’re anything like us, you likely spent one of your first movie-going experiences watching the phenomenon, the epic, the event (yes, we went there) that is THE LION KING.

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