Announcing the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards Winners

101 million votes were tallied and we finally have the results!

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Inside Brooke Taylor’s Prep for the Radio Disney Music Awards

We were lucky enough to have Radio Disney jock, Brooke Taylor, give us a guest post about the 2015 RDMAs! Read all about Brooke’s experience starting her job during last year’s show, and find out what you definitely can’t miss this year’s RDMAs.

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Quiz: Which Royal Disney Name Should You Name Your Baby Boy?

Babies are cute, and babies named after Disney royals are even cuter.

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A Guide to Using Frozen Quotes in Everyday Situations

Frozen is more than just a movie. It’s a treasure trove of potent potables that we suggest you start carrying around in your comeback arsenal.

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9 Braided Styles to Channel Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa are the reason we’re obsessed with all things rosemaling, capes, and of course, braids.

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A Spectacular Playlist from the Simpson Sibs

The Simpson sibs stick together, especially when it comes to music.

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A Boy and His Reindeer

This is a superhero origin story: a charmingly grumpy, ice-harvesting, non-super superhero origin story.

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Disney Princess Quotes to Live By, Part Two

Our life motto is: a princess quote a day keeps a smile on your face, and we stand by that.

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