Costume Designer Kara Saun on the Wicked Fashion of Descendants

From the first time the offspring of some of Disney’s most villainous characters bound on to the screen in “Rotten to the Core,” you know you’re in for a visually stunning ride in Descendants.

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You Know Nothing, John Smith

Really, though: how CAN there be so much that he doesn’t know?

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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Danny Elfman?

Danny Elfman is going to be inducted as a Disney Legend at this year’s D23 Expo! How well do you know this musical maestro?

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Winter in July: First Sneak Peek at the Beauty and the Beast Set!

Josh Gad continues to gift us behind-the-scenes moments from the set of Beauty and the Beast (and he is as excited as we are that the live-action film is really happening). In what will surely go down as the greatest casting ever, Gad plays LeFou, Gaston’s absent-minded lackey.   Sadly, Gad recently wrapped filming, and […]

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Additional Details Of Shanghai Disneyland Revealed

Prepare to get even more excited.

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Stitchers Music Guide: Future Tense

Tonight’s Stitchers features “Cease For Love”, a song from Australian indie-rock folk act Death and a Cure.

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Pretty Little Liars Music Guide: FrAmed

The picture isn’t looking pretty for Aria in tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, but the music in “FrAmed” is a different story.

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10 Things You Require of Your Disney BFF

Disney best friends are one of a kind. They are the Mickey beignet to your mint julep, the Disneyland fireworks to your castle, the Winnie the Pooh to your honey; life just wouldn’t be the same without them. As you can imagine, Disney best friends can be hard to come by. We ask a lot […]

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