The Disney Guide to Getting Over a Breakup

Disney fans are often hopeless romantics, and that can make it extra crushing if things don’t work out with the person you love.

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Juanes Debuts “Juntos (Together)” Video for McFarland, USA

Latin music superstar Juanes has released a music video for his original song titled “Juntos (Together)” for the upcoming film McFarland, USA.

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11 Positively Adorable Pooh Moments

Many years ago, one of our Oh My Disney writers was having a particularly bad day at school (hey—second grade was tough). As soon as he got home, he did what any other Disney-obsessed juvenile would do to let off some steam: he popped in a VHS tape

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Disney Desk Flair

Go on a virtual tour of our Disney offices by way of desk decor.

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Last Chance: Enter This Epic Walt Disney World Sweepstakes

It’s the last week to enter for a chance to win a vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort, complete with a night in the famous Cinderella Castle Suite!

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Quiz: Which Tangled Character are You?

Do you start the day with a brisk adventure in the forest, or by playing a classical piece on the piano?

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“Ears” to You, Show Your Ears Contest Winners!

A little while ago, we asked you to send us pictures of yourself sporting your favorite Mickey ears.

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The 8 Songs Alli Simpson Can’t Stop Listening To

Hey guys and gals! I wanted to share with you the songs I can’t stop listening to right now.

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